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Beachfront Exotic Corcovado Rainforest Property for Sale $1,200,000

With almost 70 hectares (701,651.91 m2) of virgin primary rainforest and an almost exclusive beachfront, the property lies at about 800 meters (15 minute walk) from the entrance to the Parque Nacional de Corcovado (Corcovado National Park) in the Osa Peninsula, one of the places with the greatest biodiversity in the planet that was very accurately described by National Geographic Magazine as the “most biologically intense place on Earth”. Over 500 species of flora from orchids to grand centuries old trees native to the zone have been identified; as well as 140 types of mammals such as sloths, monkeys, jaguars, wild boar; 367 types of birds such as parrots, tucans, scarlet macaws; 40 types of fresh-water fish, 117 amphibians and reptiles; and an estimated 6,000 species of insects. Besides the trips to the park, visitors to this area may enjoy the proximity of the ocean with scuba and snorkel trips, Humpback whale and dolphin watching, and excellent sports and beach shore fishing.

The property currently belongs to the Observatorio Biológico La Leona, S.A. (previously Corcovado Lodge Tent Camp) and includes freshwater springs, lagoons, brooks, primary virgin rain forest, and low-altitude cloud forest, as well a secluded off-the-grid beach bordering the Pacific Ocean, making it perfect for a unique personal project or Grand Boutique Resort Development. It is only 1½ hour away from the town of Puerto Jimenez which has plenty of development amenities like supermarkets, banks, mechanics, hardware and lumber stores, an airport and even a veterinarian.

Corcovado's climate is generally warm and very humid, with approximately 711 cm. of rain every year. The dry season normally lasts from the beginning of December until April.

The property also has the following:

  • 5% of the total area is available for construction, that is, about 3.5 hectares of (35,000 m2).
  • Beachfront flat organic area, about 2 hectares, located adjacent to the ocean and the rest on the higher part on a smooth sloping hill with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. A strictly flat area does not exist as it is nature at its best.
  • Water availability: the water is provided through the property’s own freshwater springs and streams.
  • Infrastructure available: Simple 3 bedroom, 2 warehouse pavilion; 1 large dining/ kitchen/ hammock gathering pavilion; 3 bathroom/ 3 shower pavilion; accessibility to satellite dish communications and cellular service from the beach at all times (great for the leave at home and focus on the family type of escape); laundry pavilion; 6 solar panel installation for electricity with capacity for more or individual applications, a large storage water tank and a back-up generator pavilion for emergencies. Almost 6 km of semi outlined organic trails leading to an enchanting look out that has the potential of spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and beautiful clean night sky.
  • Regulating Plan: It is included in the contract with the MINAE government agency, that the area of the Maritime-Terrestrial Zone is from the boundary marker 150 meters inside from the coastal edge. The rest of the property is subject to National Regulation, in zones where there is no Regulator Plan, up to 10% of the area may be constructed upon, since it is a piece of land inside the Golfo Dulce Refuge, a handling and sustainability plan approved by MINAE and SETENA will be necessary in order to ask the Municipality for construction permits, which almost all the hotels in the area have been subject to. This property used to be an operational Corcovado Tent Camp Lodge for many years with infrastructure and amenities so therefore already has history in place which should in theory help with the process of presenting new plans for development.
  • Primary forest is estimated to be about 80%, the rest was a tacotal (green area of growths) that was regenerated and that now looks similar to primary forest.
  • Accessibility to the property is a 20 minute pristine relaxing beach or nature trail walk, 10 minute vintage old school horse drawn carriage ride or a 5 minute four-wheeler exiting sea breeze bike ride from the Carate small airport field and main road entrance. From San Jose, for the connoisseur and time constrained traveler, 50 minute private chartered flights are available to Carate (steps from the property), as well as commercial daily 50 minute flights to Puerto Jimenez (1 ½ hour away from the property). For the leisurely, observer and laissez-faire traveler there are 2 daily bus rides from the main town of Puerto Jimenez through Indiana Jones-like rivers and bends to Carate or an 8 hour car drive exotic and adventurous almost cross country drive to the southwest coast of The Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica.

Corporación Crear de San José, S.A. is the company’s headquarters, which owns 100% of the common shares of Observatorio Biológico La Leona S.A. At the present time, the property is free of all types of debts or mortgages.

General Data
  • Trade Name: Observatorio Biológico La Leona, S.A.      
  • Fancy Name: Corcovado Lodge Tent and Camp              
  • Company’s Situation: Active up to filing of taxes, D-101, D-103, D-104, D-151, D-152.   
  • Corporate I.D.: 3-101-102637-33             
  • Physical Domicile: Carate, from the Landing Strip, 2 kms East, Golfito, Puntarenas       
  • Location: Province: 06 Puntarenas / Canton: 07 Golfito / District: 02 Puerto Jiménez    
  • Geographical Coordinates: Latitude 8º26’46. 79” N / Longitude: 83º 28’22.06”W            
  • Type of economic activity: Mountain Hotel / Beach up until September 2008.
  • Main Shareholders: Corporación Crear de San José, S.A. (100%)
Legal Structure
  • Juridical form: Corporation
  • Social capital: is ¢134,924,800 (one hundred and thirty-four million, nine hundred and twenty-four thousand eight hundred colones) (2012)            
  • Legal Representative: Lidia Yolanda Amaya Gavidia, I.D. card 8-0060-0332, Universal Attorney-in-fact with no Limitation of Sum.
Commercial Information
  • Construction Date: May 31, 1989
  • Public Registry: Volume 588 / Folio 067 / Entry 077       
  • Date Initiation of Activity:  September 01,1992              
  • End of Activity:  September 01, 2008    
  • Number of Employees: 3 (year 2012)   
  • Banking Entities: Yes
    • Banco Nacional de Costa Rica - Account CRC/USD
    • BAC San José – CRC Account    
  • Commercial patents:
    • Hotel License Certificate Nº 000429 – Expiring February 20th, 2015
    • Restaurant License Certificate Nº 000428 – Expiring February 20th, 2015
  • Healt